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Member Requests

Sometimes I get to my wit's end, but I'm going to try and be as nice as possible. Please do not try and join the community. It is NOT open for membership. There, it's in bigger writing, bolded, underlined and italicized, therefore me and Erica cannot stress it enough. Erica has already made a post about this but it seems that some people won't read. Please, please PLEASE read our userinfo before trying to join this community. It says very clearly that this community is not open for membership and it's getting a little tiresome that some people just don't bother to look. It will take up ten seconds of your time, if not less. We would be very, VERY happy indeed if you want to friend or watch the community, but only me and Erica are members of this community. Thanks for reading!

(In other news, I've been making some icons and will post them up when I can. I hope you've all been leaving some feedback on Erica's icons, who's been posting more than enough to fulfill all your needs, I shouldn't imagine. =D)
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