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Terms of Use // All icons are made by Erica (gilraenia) or Ellie (jakesthesia). Do not take and claim as your own. Credit is not necessary, but greatly appreciated. Commenting is also always very nice =) Textless icons are not bases! Also, please do not edit our icons unless otherwise stated. =)
Resources // Erica's resources can be found here. Ellie's resources can be found here.
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If you would like to contact Erica or Ellie, please visit them at their personal LJs: Erica @ gilraenia and Ellie @ jakesthesia.

Please do not try to join this community. It is Erica's and Ellie's to post their icons in, and at no time will it be open for new members. However, if you'd like to watch or friend this community, that's great! =)

Trying to find some of our old icons?
Erica: aerial_icons
Ellie: envision_icons